Rocking Bird Cage

Rocking Birdcage

Cage and Legs: Aluminium
Base and Rockers: Solid Oak

Width: 667.3mm
Height: 1045.50mm
Depth: 738mm



Standard Cabinet // Mid Century Modern Pet Furniture // Dog & Cat House // Side Table

Standard Cabinet
litter hideaway | pet house

Add sleek modern style to any room in your home with our most popular dual-purpose cabinet! Designed to conveniently disguise unsightly litter pans or be used as a place for your modern cat (or dog!) to play, perch or sleep, this cabinet also fits perfectly into your home’s modern décor.

Exterior: 25½”W x 18½”D x 24½"H
Interior: 24”W x 17”D x 19"H
Pet entrance edge: 5½”H
Removable legs: 4”H
Dogs up to 25lbs

Pet Entrance Options:
Circle: 8” diameter
Rectangle: 11½"W x 13"H

Right-hand side OR Left-hand side pet entrance

Handcrafted with Walnut hardwood Europly
Water resistant finish wipes clean
Right-hand side pet entrance
Holes on either side allow for ventilation and easy moving
Soft-closing doors for convenient access
Optional Exterior Lounge Pad in your choice of fabric
Optional Interior Fleece Bed in your choice of color

Exterior Lounge Pad - $49
Interior Fleece Bed - $49

Via FedEx w/ insurance and tracking for your convenience
For international shipping rates, please contact me for a quote



25 Reasons to be Thankful for your Pet

Anyone who has ever adopted pets will understand how much love and joy they bring to our lives. From greeting us at the door after a long day at the office to keeping our feet warm at night, we have plenty of reasons to be thankful for their very presence. Here are a few of our favourites:

1. They give the best hugs.

2. They will even hug you whilst trying to sleep.

3. They are the best nap time buddies.

4. No matter what, they are always there for you.

5. They trust you with their lives and you trust them.

6. They will greet you from work with the most adorable smiles.

7. They provide you with kisses just when you need them!

8. They are patient and always perfect the tricks that you teach them.

9. They will comfort you whenever you need them.

10. They make you so happy when they’re the first person you see on a morning.

11. They can give you high fives!

12. They have the ability to warm your heat with their hugs.

13. They will patently wait if something happens to pop up.

14. They are the best type of people to hang around and do nothing with.

15. The kisses!

16. They never want you to leave…ever!

17. The hugs again!

18. More kisses

19. Adopting a pet is the best thing that can happen to a human.

20. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any cuter…they will nap with each other.

21. You should be thankful for all pets.

22. So make sure you give them a hug…

23. …and a kiss…

24. …and a belly rub…

25. Furry, feathered or otherwise, you pet is someone you should truly be thankful for.

Of course, there are many more reasons to be thankful for our furry friends. What are yours?

- Burgess Pet Care


Claret Cookie Chaise

The 'Claret Cookie Chaise', individually created using using a quality timber frame,reflex foam and webbing, sealed with a waterproof and stain proof protector.

We have combined the finest upholstery textiles in rich reds and golden blends, making this unique chaise longue for cats and dogs, an exquisite edition to any room.

'Couture' only 1 available.

Suitable for Small to Medium Sized Dogs and Cats

Length 28"   Width 21"   Height 13"



Pet Winter Exercise

Getting pets who dislike the cold to go outside in winter can be a challenge, but chilly weather or not, pets need fresh air and exercise. ASPCA experts assure us that while short-haired and smaller breeds may require cozy apparel to protect them from winter’s bite, others simply need a little training to learn how to enjoy a cold-weather romp. 

“With a few simple training tricks—and the right attire—pet parents can teach animal companions to be much more enthusiastic about playing outdoors in winter,” says ASPCA Animal Trainer Kristen Collins. 

1. Entice your pooch with off-leash exercise sessions, playing tug or fetch, or romping with canine buddies—the more aerobic the activity, the warmer the dog will be.

2. If your dog's playing off-leash, you can use treats to reward her for fetching toys—even if you usually don't have to. The extra incentive might further spark her interest in the great (and chilly!) outdoors.

3. Offer your pet special treats during outdoor excursions. While on a brisk walk, pop something delicious into her mouth every now and then—or feed her breakfast by hand while outdoors.

4. Winter is a great time to enroll in indoor training classes. Sports like agility and flyball are often taught in heated facilities and are excellent exercise for the canine body and mind—and you'll enjoy them, too!

5. Walk your pet in wooded areas during the winter months. The forest not only provides protection from wind, but the rich smells, sights and sounds can be infinitely interesting for dogs to investigate, distracting them from chilly temperatures.

6. Many dogs dislike going outside during winter because snow, salt and chemical de-icers hurt their paws. Canine booties can protect paws, while keeping them warm—and disposable latex boots are available for dogs who don’t like the feel of thicker boots.

7. Musher's Secret, a waxy substance that you can apply to your dog's paws, can be an effective alternative to booties for protecting toes and paw pads in snow and ice.

8. Getting your dog to play outside may simply be a matter of keeping her warm: 

Dress puppies—who don’t have as much body fat as adults—in a coat or sweater.
Get waterproof gear for wet days.
Invest in a well-fitting coat that covers your dog's back and underside. (Fleece is nice!)
Staying warm during winter takes more energy, so increased food intake may be necessary. Good body condition means you can feel, but not see, your dog’s bones.  
If you can see his spine, hips and ribs, then he’s too thin and you should talk to your veterinarian about increasing his food intake.

9. If you've tried everything and your dog still seems miserable when you take her outside, provide extra exercise indoors by playing games that involve physical exertion, like tug-of-war. 

10. Help your dog expend mental energy by feeding her meals in food-puzzle toys, giving her plenty of things to chew, teaching her new tricks and playing interactive games like hide-and-seek.

Make sure your dog has access to shelter and water at all times. And please remember, if you’re cold, your dog probably is, too, and it’s time to come home.