Pets My Heart Gift Box Malaysia

gift box delivered

As a pet owner, we treat our pets like children of our own. We talk to them, cuddle them and make sure all their needs are met.

Won't it be nice if we could give them toys and treats every month too? Now you can!

When you sign up for Pets My Heart, you will receive a gift box each month containing four or more carefully-selected toys and treats for your pet.

And to make sure you can continue to surprise your furry friend, they will hand-pick the best products each month.

What's more, the products you purchase from them is going to save you more than half the price if you were to buy the products individually from ordinary pet shops!

How is this done? With 3 simple steps!

choose dog size
1. Select Pet Size
Select your pet (dog / cat) size. They have gift boxes that suit dogs and cats of different sizes. Their experts will hand-pick the most suitable toys and snacks based on your selection!
choose plan
2. Choose Plan
Choose a plan that suits you. They offer plans of different length, each at a competitive price point. But of course, the longer you subscribe, the more you save, and the happier your pet becomes!
* Still confused? Scroll down to learn more!
gift box delivered
3. Gift Box Delivered
They deliver a gift box to you every month. You receive different combination of pet toys and treats so that you can continue to surprise your pet. When your pet is happy, you are too!

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