Secret Paws 2014

SECRET PAWS is organized by Truffle and Brulee's mom, Paula. Check out other participants for pawsome gift exchange stories (WARNING: Might cause fuzzy feelings and awww moments!)

Truffle and Brulee

We would also like to thank our Secret Paws this year, Hannah and Lucy! Big Meows to you!
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We got gifts from our Secret Paws!

Mum rarely buys toys for us (read "never") as she thinks boxes and paper balls are enough to keep us happy along with her endless hugs. What a surprise when she brought us a box all the way from Hannah and Lucy in the UK! How lucky we are! We even got a card! Thanks, Hannah and Lucy! We love you!

As Agents, we made sure to sniff around for fishy business 

Agent S: Can' face...on this mouse toy thing 

Agent L: Balls? For me?? Really?

The stash all unwrapped. Mum said that we have toys fit for 2 years! She's keeping them for safe keeping. We have to wear them out one by one before a new one is brought out. We protested so she agreed that we could play with the blue ball, and mouse toy thing and have them rubbed with the cat nip stickers so that our love for these toys never run out (no idea what she means....hey, .is that a paper ball over there?)

CLICK HERE to visit Hannah and Lucy's blog!

Agent L: I sleeps on the mat every night now. I love gnawing the corners! And the material is sooooo soft and comfortable


Secret Paws 2014 Pressie is Ready! #secretpaws2014

Agent L and Agent S are so excited! They managed to sniff around for a really cute gift.

If our furbuddy can't read, we're sure her mom can, hence the bookmark!

All packed and shipped out! We hope (secret recipient) likes it!


Our first #SecretPaws Secret Santa Gift Exchange

We received our #SecretPaws2014 mission two weeks ago and our secret recipient resides in the U.S! Mom says that it can't be too heavy and too big as the postage cost can escalate. Cat treats might get confiscated at customs so there goes the Scratch Post, Cat Tree and Cat Treats (sorry, secret recipient!)..what shall we buy? Decisions! Decisions!

Any ideas, dear readers? The reader with the best idea by 26 November 2014 (Wed) will receive a secret gift from us! Leave your comment below AND drop us an email with your contact details at  :)


#SundaySelfie #CatOnMyHead

Agent L is usually quite self conscious but she agreed to take one shot of herself looking away from the camera as long as she could get a tummy rub right after.


Organic Products, How much does it Matter? #OrganicPet


A year’s supply of Castor & Pollux's ORGANIX  line of Cat or Dog Food will be given away to one grand prize winner starting next week, and you are eligible to win! C&P will work with the winner to figure out the right formula and amount for the winning pet!

One first place winner will receive a $100 Prize Pack full of ORGANIX goodies for their pet. Actual contents of prize pack will be determined by the brand according to whether the winner has a cat or dog. Contest runs 11/24 - 12/5 on participating pet blogs, so stay tuned! Follow the hashtag #OrganicPet for more details starting Monday, 11/24.

Meantime, check out the latest from Castor & Pollux, as consumer interest in organic food is spilling over into pets’ bowls, too!


Foster Dog Beau Found A Home The Same Week He Was To Be Put Down

It was February I picked up Boaz (then named Shania) from the vet. He did not seem like he had any issues and his history paper work did not show anything to be concerned about physically or mentally. However, it does insinuate that Boaz has been in numerous homes in the past. Despite that, this Shiz Tsu was quite friendly, did not seem to have that much fear in him. His first night was not stressful apart from some coughing. 

IMG 1083
Days turned into weeks and after about a month, an adoption application came through. I was happy for him. 
A couple weeks later, turns out the family could not keep him and back in my living room he is:) 
One day I was trying to take off some dried gook (that a word?) from his chin with scissors and what I saw was a different dog! He started barking agressively, nipped at my hand. It was a shocker! Took him a few minutes to calm down and I did not let it get to me for too long. 
There was another scenario when he got cherry eye that was growing bigger so I took him to the vet and he gave him eye drops and suggested I give it to him every day for a week. (you can imagine)
I attempted to slowly put the eyedrop container closer to his eye, knowing what kind of reaction I'm going to get, and next thing you know, the fear-based aggression came out again! It took my friend and I to lure him into the bathroom and closed the door until he calmed down. 
As much as I love Boaz, I was afraid that this trait may hinder his adoption. I tried to work with him for his fear and slowly there was small improvements. Long story short, 4 months passed and the rescue organization was considering he may not have a chance at adoption and that I would have to be prepared that he'll have to be put down. I was devastated. 
I posted on my social media accounts for help, just praying his ideal forever parent can come through. I reached out to animal communicator to help me understand anything, anything about him. I was blown away by Claudia Hehr. The mystery of Boaz's history came together. The questions that kept me away was finally answered. 
IMG 1400-1
I was considering keeping him should no one reach out but in the knick of time, a got a post from Google Plus by a woman name Lori. Turns out she was looking for a rescue after a year of her last rescue passing away. On the phone, she sounded like a wonderful lady....who happened to live within 25 minutes away!
Within the next couple days, I was on my way to visit her. That was the beginning of Boaz's happy story and this experience was meant-to-be in the stars in more ways than one. One, Lori finds a son! and Boaz gets a second chance of living life the way happy dogs should. Two, it made me realize I need to contribute to helping dogs. 
That's when was born in my heart:) 
Beverly  Isla 
Beverly Isla is the founder of Save A Pooch. S.A.P helps pet businesses and rescue organizations to enhance awareness of their services and products. S.A.P provides distribution to media outlets, mobile networks and social influencers. is also a community based portal of rescue dog handlers, dog professionals and businesses. In an effort to save pooches, we believe education and awareness is key.  


Animal Communicator Claudia Hehr Talks About What Your #Pet Could Be Telling You

 Written by  from
Do you ever wonder if your dog could speak, what they would say? Do you ever wish you can say something to them? Animal communicator Claudia Hehr clarifies some of these questions. The times below highlights what Claudia particularly talks about. 
2:00 - What is a memorable experience as an animal communicator?
4:08 - How do the conversations start?
5:04 - What kind of things do animals tell you?
7:27 -  Can dogs see colour?
9:00 -  At old age, do dogs let us know when they are ready to go?
10:48 - Do dogs have 3 year old mindsets?
11:31 - Can anyone communicate with animals?
12:08 - What should fosters know about rescue dogs?
15:02 - Do all foster dogs benefit from formal training?  


#Pet Lovers Handmade Jewellery

Pawz 'n' Clawz sells really pretty handmade jewellery with pet charms.

They have just launched a new program too!
For every $100.00 Pawz 'n' Clawz makes, they will be donating a portion of the proceeds to their local shelters!

Flat rate shipping charge USD$4.00 WORLDWIDE!
Questions? Feel free to contact Lisa or Jenna at :

or visit their blog HERE


#Petcube Toy to Play with Your Pet Wherever You Are

Petcube is an interactive wireless pet camera that helps you stay connected to your pet when you are not at home. Petcube pet monitor system lets you watch, talk and play laser games with your dog or cat from anywhere using your smartphone. You can share access to your pet video cam with your friends, family or anyone on Petcube network.


Saying goodbye to Kitty

The past two weeks have been really hard for me. For those who read my post about the Raya visitor, would know that a lovely kitten came into our lives for a short stay while the owner went for her Raya holidays. Periodically after that, Kitty would be sent over when the owner had to work late or travel and these stays were very much welcome as Kitty breathed new life into our home, even though she was here for short visits.

She was very much a boisterous kitten, curious as ever, sniffing out corners and under cushions and following Agent L almost everywhere she went. Agent S who found her a threat in the beginning started to tolerate her and both Agent S and Kitty kept Agent L busy.

Kitty would pounce on Agent L and annoy Agent S by trying to catch his tail. She was bright eyed and spunky but would sometimes stare out the window into oblivion. She was happiest when playing with Agent L and having a treat of fried fish and milk.

At night, after a day's worth of antics, she wasn't one to snuggle, but she would sit on my side cabinet, just an arm's length away. At dawn, she would start clambering over my limbs and head to get me up to feed her and her friends.

Two weeks ago, Kitty was sent over for a two night stay. She was treated like a little princess, as usual, and all was well till Sunday night.

Hubby and I had come home late after dinner at my in-laws. Hubby dozed off on the couch and I was entertained by the three of them while watching TV.

The smell off their poo suddenly whiffed into the hall and I just had to clean so I let the three of them play at the corridor as they usually do. After about 10 minutes, Agent L and Agent S came back in but there was no sight of Kitty. I called her name and went looking for her and I went into an emergency mode. I've never lost a cat before.

Dread filled me and my worst fears came true. I found Kitty's lifeless body downstairs, intact but bleeding slightly from the mouth. This is the worst feeling I've felt in my entire life. As I write this, I feel the pain searing through me again. I feel so hopeless and I wish I could turn back time and see her playing again and but this is not possible. I still blame myself for the need to clean so late at night. For letting the owner down (though she said these things happen), my husband down and Agent L and Agent S down.

I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself and the only thing that gets me moving forward is knowing that she is in a happier place and hopefully one day, I'll get to see her again.

We miss you so much, Kitty, and you'll always be in our hearts.

Agent L and Kitty


Pawly: Play with Your Pet Anywhere Anytime

Pet parents, you know the feeling when you're at work or out the whole day and you just want to check on how your pets are doing? Having a camera installed is one thing, but being able to pop treats at a click of a button goes to a new level of cool.

Pawly is a robot pet sitter that allows you to talk to and play with your pet while you're at work.

Equipped with a high-definition camera and microphone, Pawly can capture precious moments that proud pet parents can share online. It can also let owners reward deserving dogs and cats with morsels from its treat dispenser.

To read more on how to get your hands on this product, CLICK HERE


7 Companies That Are Perfect for Animal Lovers

Do you love your four-legged friends as much as you do their two-legged counterparts? Ever wish you could spend your workdays making the world a better place for animals? Or even just want to bring your pup with you to the office once in a while?
If so, these companies are exactly what you’re looking for. From startups that are making pet ownership easier than ever before to nonprofits aiming to save endangered species to fun, dog-friendly offices, they’re all looking for animal lovers like you to join their teams now.

1. DogVacay

DogVacay makes finding great pet sitters simpler than ever. With its handy website and iOS app, pet owners can search for vetted, insured hosts, book stays, and pay online—all with a couple clicks.
Not surprisingly, the DogVacay office is full of furry friends, which makes for a pretty fun workday. (“We have puppies under our desks,” explains one product associate.) But the pet-loving team takes its work caring for man’s best friend very seriously, says CEO Aaron Hirschhorn. “We now have 15,000 hosts across the U.S. and Canada who are caring for dogs like members of their family.”

See Open Jobs

2. World Wildlife Fund

Formed in 1961 by a group of concerned biologists, WWF is the world’s leading conservation organization, supporting projects focused on saving wildlife species and their habitats. Now over 50 years old, WWF works in over 100 countries—uniquely combining global reach, scientific innovation, and local action to meet the needs of people and nature.
The panda may be just one of the many species WWF has worked to save, but as its iconic black and white logo, the panda has become the relatable representative of WWF’s mission. Internally, employees affectionately refer to each other as “pandas,” and many of them take pride in becoming lifelong pandas—passionate to work for an organization that offers international opportunities and limitless possibilities.

See Open Jobs

3. Contently

Contently is a modern storytelling platform that links brands to journalists, allowing them to share some of the world’s best original content. It bridges the gap between creation and delivery and empowers brands to tell great stories about what they do best.
One thing Contently staffers love just as much as great content? Their pups. Check out all the furry faces on Contently’s Meet the Team page. VP of Canine ResourcesLighthouse and intern Madison even have their own LinkedIn profiles!

See Open Jobs

4. Discovery Communications

Do you spend full days curled up on the couch watching Animal Planet shows? Well, it’s time to turn your love of Shark Week into a job. Discovery Communications, the parent company of Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, OWN, and more, is full of animal lovers who are passionate about telling incredible stories about the world.
Team members are also excited about getting to know each other outside of the office. “The company’s hosted a lot of cool things outside in the garden like BBQs, dunk tanks, pet adoption expos, and weekly exercise boot camps,” says one staffer. “We always have a ton of fun.”
(Oh, and fun fact: Every Shark Week, the company decks out its headquarters with a massive shark attached to the building.)

See Open Jobs

5. PetPlus

PetPlus is a membership program service offering exclusive access to discounts on pet medications, vet visits, pet supplies, and more. In a nutshell, PetPlus gives pet owners new ways to overcome the limits of pet ownership—makes caring for pets as easy as loving them.
Not surprisingly, everyone who works at the NYC-based company is a big-time animal lover (you can meet the employees and their pets on the company’s About Us page). Want to join in on the furry fun? PetPlus is looking to add marketing, sales, editorial, and UX pros to the team now.

See Open Jobs

6. Zoosk

Zoosk is an online dating company that utilizes a unique matchmaking technology to help its members find the perfect match. With over 26 million active members and the #1 online dating app on the market, it’s a proven leader in mobile dating—and with members hailing from 80 countries worldwide, Zoosk’s on a mission to empower everyone to lead a fulfilling love life.
The team is also passionate about its pets. Plenty of employees bring their pups into the large, expansive San Francisco workspace every day, and team members regularly get together out of the office to volunteer at animal shelters. Pets are even invited to post-work events: Just check these guys out, having fun at a company picnic!

See Open Jobs

7. Kiva

Kiva is working hard to change the world: Through the microlending platform, anyone can lend $25 to a borrower in the developing world, making it possible for artisans, farmers, and shopkeepers to realize their dreams and create a better future for themselves and their families.
But the organization also makes time for play, too. Once a month, Kiva employees enjoy what we’ve all missed since our grade-school days: Recess. Everyone takes 30 minutes off of work to enjoy food, music, and unstructured playtime at the office with—you guessed it—the pups who are welcome at the office every day.

Source: TheMuse


14 Inspiring Custom-Built Modern Cat Houses Revealed at LA Fundraising Event

All cat lovers out there will be pleased to see sculptural, artistic modern cat houses that not only provide their furry little pets with shelter and climbing fun, but also decorate modern interiors. And when you add a social dimension, you get the best of both worlds. These 14 intricate modern cat houses were especially built by US architects for stray cats. Encouraging donations for FixNation, a Californian spay-neuter nonprofit organization, these modern cat houses inspire a new dimension in the design of shelters for one of the world’s favorite pet. Stray felines were given the chance to enjoy sculptural cat shelters created for Architects for Animals’ “Giving Shelter” fundraiser held in Los Angeles this September.
Custom Built Cat Houses 1 14 Inspiring Custom Built Modern Cat Houses Revealed at LA Fundraising Event
Each custom built cat house was designed by a different architect for the Giving Shelter event held on held on September 10, 2014 in Los Angeles. Organized by the national organization Architects for Animals, the event ripples as well as inspiration for the future of cat house design. The adorable kittens can play in, on and around the geometric cat houses all day long. They’ll be like a dynamic, unpredictable part of the whole system, bringing it to life.
We’ve seen houses for cats to scratch and tables designed for feline exploration, even luxury beds for cats and dogs. We’ve even featured an interview with Kooldog to show you the promises and this growing field. They all pave the way to a more aesthetically appealing pet home design. If you’d like to know more details, DailyMail explores each design.
Custom Built Cat Houses 2 14 Inspiring Custom Built Modern Cat Houses Revealed at LA Fundraising Event
Custom Built Cat Houses 3 14 Inspiring Custom Built Modern Cat Houses Revealed at LA Fundraising Event
Custom Built Cat Houses 4 14 Inspiring Custom Built Modern Cat Houses Revealed at LA Fundraising Event
Custom Built Cat Houses 5 14 Inspiring Custom Built Modern Cat Houses Revealed at LA Fundraising Event
Custom Built Cat Houses 6 14 Inspiring Custom Built Modern Cat Houses Revealed at LA Fundraising Event
Custom Built Cat Houses 7 14 Inspiring Custom Built Modern Cat Houses Revealed at LA Fundraising Event
Custom Built Cat Houses 8 14 Inspiring Custom Built Modern Cat Houses Revealed at LA Fundraising Event
Custom Built Cat Houses 9 14 Inspiring Custom Built Modern Cat Houses Revealed at LA Fundraising Event
Custom Built Cat Houses 10 14 Inspiring Custom Built Modern Cat Houses Revealed at LA Fundraising Event