FundMyPet Helps You Raise Funds for Emergency #Vet Bills #pets

Have you come across animals that you would love to help but cannot because of the lack of funds?  is a website that allows people to raise money for their emergency vet bills. Coming together as a community to help animals in need.

FundMyPet was launched December of 2014. Their goal is simple - help as many animals as possible. They realized that there were literally hundreds of thousands of pet owners who were being faced with awful situations like having a sick pet and not enough money to pay for their vet bills, surgeries, medication and more.

The thought of animals not having proper care and a fair shot at life really upset them. That is why FundMyPet was created. It is a sophisticated online fundraising website that allows users to create a fundraising campaign, share it with friends and collect donations for animal expenses. They knew that creating an alternate option to raise money for animals in need would allow us as a community to help and save animals that wouldn't have otherwise had a chance. The website allows campaigns for just about any animal related costs.

They created FundMyPet with simplicity in mind. Their website is effective and very easy to use. With built-in sharing tools, users can get the word out to as many people as possible. They are the first crowdfunding platform exclusively for animals.

FundMyPet was created by two animal lovers based out of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Founder Brad Maver and co-founder Chantal Locke both have a burning passion for helping animals. They are very committed to making it easy for anyone to raise money for animals in need.

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#Dogs smelling great? It's possible

I love dogs especially Golden Retrievers - Agent S and L not so much. Cats don't really smell bad unless they're in a confined area with no ventilation but dogs after a bath or after frolicking in the damp grass or chasing a frog amongst the muddy earth?...phoooh!

That's where Eau de Lady comes in. What? Nothing for the gentlemen? Despite it's name, I'm pretty sure the gentlemen can use it too. Perhaps Jade, the creator of Eau de Lady and founder of Made by Jade might come with a whole new line for just the males soon!

Eau De Lady is inspired by Lady, Jade's golden retriever. Eau de Lady is a 100% natural product that is safe to use on pets as well as on humans.

Eau de lady is essentially a spray mist, a deodorant made from lemongrass essential oil, lavender essential oil as well as tea tree oil and highly diluted with water to make your pet smell like heaven, and also gets rid of the ticks and a natural combatant to insects and yucky bugs. It is preservative free.

Eau de Lady currently retails for RM25, for a 150 ml bottle. For more information on the product, or to find out more natural products that are Made by Jade, please visit:

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VIDEO: Agent L uses her paws to drink #cutecats #cats #funnycat #kitties

Agent L invents her own games. Below you see her playing catch my finger. She'll insist that I poke my fingers through the gaps for her to catch!

I'm not sure when Agent L started to drink like this but it's so cute. She usually scratches the floor too but during this take, she didn't.

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Agent S' Day Off

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12 Dogs Who Don’t Fully Understand Their Size #dogs

I can still take my bath here, right?
I can still take my bath here, right? – Source

I know I still fit on this laundry basket!
I know I still fit on this laundry basket! – Source
No need for another bed. This one is fine.
No need for another bed. This one is fine. – Source
This is my seat!
This is my seat! – Source
Is this for me?
Is this for me? – Source
What? I love sitting on mommy's lap. I'm her baby!
What? I love sitting on mommy’s lap. I’m her baby! – Source
See?! I told you I can still fit here!
See?! I told you I can still fit here! – Source
Face it doggy. It's not a bed anymore. It's now a pillow.
Face it doggy. It’s not a bed anymore. It’s now a pillow. – Source
I can fit here!  I swear!
I can fit here! I swear! – Source
Thanks for the bathtub, mommy! I fit perfectly!
Thanks for the bathtub, mommy! I fit perfectly! – Source
Can anybody give me a push please?
Can anybody give me a push please? – Source
Hmmm..why can't I lay down here anymore? Oh well, my butt still fits!
Hmmm..why can’t I lay down here anymore? Oh well, my butt still fits! – Source

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Take Me Home Thursday: #PAWS #Selangor #Furkids for #petadoption

PAWS Selangor updates their Facebook page with photos of the furkids on animals so please check there often.

Here are some from their gallery:

Singing for his breakfast

Siesta time after a good meal

You smell of fish, my darling

I might be getting a little heavy

Fish fingers?

A little privacy here, please?

Of course we're friends! What a silly question

How long am I supposed to be your weighing machine?

Is it chow time yet?

Adoption fees
The adoption fees for an animal from PAWS is as follows:
1. Adult Dog: RM50
2. Puppy: RM80
3. Adult Cat: RM30
4. Kitten: RM50
5. Mixed Breed: Minimum RM150
6. Pedigree animals: Minimum RM250 (rarely come with certificates)

Surrendering fees

If you wish to surrender an animal to PAWS, please be aware that you are required to pay a surrendering fee –
Adult dog: RM50
Puppy: RM80
Adult cat: RM30
Kitten: RM50.
Adoption and surrendering fees are necessary to help us meet the operational costs of running the shelter. Although we have set a standard minimum fee per animal we ask that if you can afford to donate more to our charity, then please do so.At present PAWS receives no government funding to run our shelter meaning we survive sorely on the kindness of the public for donations.
Your help can make a difference. Thank you!


No PAWS animal is to be taken out of the shelter on credit. Payment must be made and a receipt obtained. Always insist on a receipt for any money that you hand over to our office personnel.
Aside from cash donations, we are always in need of various other things. So if you’re planning a visit to PAWS, please read Wishlist.

PAWS Animal Welfare Society
Pilmoor Estate, Subang Airport Road,
47200 Subang, Selangor, Malaysia.

GPS : LNG 101.58168     LAT 3.10975


Tel: +603 7846 1087 Fax: +603 7846 5934



Monday – Friday (Except Wednesday and Public Holidays):

9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Wednesday: CLOSED for maintenance

Saturday & Sunday:9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

- See more at:


Pets who became treasures after being dumped #pets #petlove

I don't understand how humans can abandon any life form in dumpsters, at markets, at the roadside, at pet stores or event at vets. I also don't understand how animals which have passed on are just thrown away in plastic bags and that's a whole other matter.

Thank goodness there are still humane humans.

1. "Heard meowing coming from the dumpster — found her in a trash bag. now she's mine."


2. "Found her in a trash can next to my apartment."


3. "Born in a pile of trash and not looking back."


4. "Found this little guy digging in the trash, on the brink of death from malnourishment. Numerous vet bills and 2 months later, he's as happy and healthy as can be."


5. "This is our kitten, two days after I found him stuck in some trash."


6. "We found Lucky when he was only a few days old in a trash can."


7. "Two years ago someone left her in a trash can. How could you not love this face?"


8. "In 2004 I found her abandoned in the stairwell when taking out the trash, she's been loving me to bits ever since."


9. "Meet Ollie the kitten, rescued from a trash can in Pasco County, Fl."


10. "I found her trapped in a trash can. Her name is Shadow."


11. "My sister found this kitten in the trash can, so we named him Mr. Garbage. We love him to bits."


12. "Found on the side of a garbage strewn street with his pelvis broken in three places. Now 4 months later, he's tearing and leaping and clowning around. Presenting Achilles the Wonder Beast."


13. "Found her in a dumpster at the back of a Krispy Kreme in the pouring rain."


14. "Found this little girl by the dumpsters downtown. I nursed her back to health, took her to the vet, and gave her lots of love. I think she's liking her new home."


15. "Here's a picture of my daughter and Jimmy, we rescued him from a dump on Fuerte Ventura. He is the nicest little dog I know."


Did you rescue your pet? Please comment below!

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A so easy to do pet bed

It's so easy I don't believe I didn't think of doing this. It works for both cats and dogs.

suitcase dog bed
One of the most overpriced pieces of furniture you can buy are fancy dog beds. I mean, really, I’ve found my dog sleeping on the floor next to his bed on several occasions, it’s not like they will know the difference between a $15 and $35 bed. For a fashionable, yet inexpensive dog bed you can get an old used suitcase, some furniture legs and a comfy pillow.

Think you'll make this for your pet? Please comment below!

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Pet Hacks: Dog House


We recently hacked an Ikea furniture, we made ​​something else out of it. I always wanted a dog house for our half breed dog Benno (size about knee high), but all I could find in stores was either very expensive or treated with wood preservatives or I did not like it. To build a dog house is not a problem for my husband (except time problem!) but it should go rather quickly and be done in an afternoon. So I looked for a small table where you just had to screw boards on it. I find it at Ikea.
The SNIGLAR diaper-changing table is untreated and ideal in size. Left over from another project we had untreated wood panels that my husband properly cut and screwed on three sides. We skipped the lower shelf cause we inserted a wooden pallet which is Benno’s sleeping place for years. But it is no problem to move the lower shelf to the bottom and this is the base for the doghouse. Above we now have a practical storage and the cat basket has also space. Our dog Benno is overjoyed and was sitting in his house, while my husband was still screwing on the boards.

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Does GST in Malaysia Affect How You Spend on Pets?

I just bought cat food for Agent S and L and despite the slight increase in price, I wouldn't stinge on them but rather cut back on spending on myself. Sigh..the things we do for love.

Astro Awani reports:

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Cat Club president Khalid Rashid said although cat lovers feel the impact of the new prices after the imposition of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), it will not stop them from spending for their cats.

One cat lover, Yusri Shaari, said he spends about RM3,000 a month for the 14 cats he has.

"Of the 14, 11 are Bengal cats. For their food alone I need three pounds of fresh meat a day, this cost as well as the additional food and medical expenses are also subject to GST."

"The GST will not dissuade me from continuing to shop for my cats who are my daily companions," he said when met at the Malaysia Fun Cat Club Cat Show and Animal Lover Fest in conjunction with National Craft Day 2015 at Laman Wau, Kompleks Kraf Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur, Saturday.

His views were shared by Haziq Ahmad Hamid who spends about RM1,500 to RM2,000 per month, not including medical costs for his 15 cats.

"The GST does affect my monthly expenses, but it will not prevent me from continuing to take care of my cats, my favourite hobby since childhood.

"I personally would rather spend my money towards nutritious cat food and dietary supplements so as to reduce the cost of their medical bills," he said.

How much do you spend on your pets and does the GST affect your spending? Leave your comments below


Should your Cat Stay Indoors?


I'm all for cats to roam freely but if it puts their lives or health in danger. It's not just other animals to worry about but also psychopaths who don't think twice about abusing them.

Dr. Ruth MacPete discusses the controversial topic of whether or not cats should be let to roam around freely outdoors. For more from Dr. MacPete, find her on Facebook or at!
Did you know the average lifespan for an outdoor cat is just 3 to 5 years while indoor cats average 13-171? This huge difference in life expectancy should be a compelling enough reason for all cat parents to keep their feline friends indoors. Yet despite the perils of the great outdoors, many people allow their cats to go outside. In my opinion, cats should always be kept indoors in the safety of a warm and loving home. Like many veterinarians, I believe that the decision to keep your cat indoors is one of the most important actions you can take to promote the health and longevity of your feline friend. Here are the outdoor dangers you can avoid by keeping your cat indoors. 
Cat Fight Wounds
Cats are solitary animals by nature and they do not typically like to share their territories with other cats. With increased crowding, territories overlap and normally solitary cats are forced to face each other. Unfortunately, these encouters usually result in territorial disputes. Besides bites and scratches, cat fights can result in an abscess when a bite wound becomes infected. Abscesses are painful and cats with abscesses usually have a fever and do not eat well. Treatment requires a veterinarian and involves surgical drainage and oral antibiotics to fight the infection. 
Viral Infections
Even worse, cat bites can transmit infections like feline leukemia virus (FeLV)feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and, on rare occasions, rabies. Interactions with stray cats do not need to be unfriendly to transmit disease: feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) and feline leukemia virus (FeLV) can be spread by close contact alone.Some of these diseases do not have effective vaccines and unfortunately there is no cure for any of them. 
In addition, outdoor cats are more likely than exclusively indoor cats to become infected with internal parasites, like roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, heartworms and toxoplasma.
Automobiles are one of the deadliest hazard to outdoor cats. Most car injuries are fatal. The lucky ones who survive usually have severe injuries that often require surgery. Many people believe that their cat is smart enough to avoid being hit by a car, but even the most street-savvy cat can be a victim. Like people, cats can become distracted: they could be chasing after prey, they might be running away from a dog, or they could be pursuing another cat in play. The fact is, all free-roaming cats are at risk of being hit by a car.

Besides automobiles, poisons are another very common danger facing outdoor cats. Cats can encounter poisonous chemicals like insecticides, rodenticides, and fertilizers. Pesticides are the most dangerous because they are sweetened or scented to attract pests and cats are often the unintended victims. In a single day, an outdoor cat may come across a neighbor’s lawn fertilizer, snail bait, rat poison, ant bait, antifreeze and even fresh paint. 
Wild Animals
Predators have always been a threat to cats, but as suburbs encroach on natural habitats, encounters with native wildlife have increased. In many states, coyotes, foxes and similar predators claim many cats, and in the South, alligators pose a major danger. 
The Price of Being Wild
Once your cat is outdoors, there is no way to protect them from all of these dangers. In addition to endangering your cat’s health, being outdoors can have an impact on your wallet. One of the largest veterinary pet insurers in the US reported that treatment of cat bites and wounds are among the top ten reasons for veterinary visits annually. Fights and injuries require veterinary attention, and since they can occur in the evening and on weekends, it can also mean a trip to the emergency clinic. Depending on the severity of the injury or illness, the visit could require surgery, hospitalization, medication and other treatment. Instead of spending your money on emergencies, wouldn’t it be better to save your money for routine veterinary visits? 
Living Healthier, Longer Lives
As pet parents, besides loving our pets, it is our responsibility to care for them and protect them from harm. So what can you do to insure that your cat lives out his nine lives? Take advantage of the excellent veterinary care available in this country and make sure your cat has regular veterinary check-ups. Keep your cat out of unnecessary danger by keeping him safely indoors. We all want the best for our pets, so next time you think about letting your cat outside, think about all the dangers an outdoor cat faces in a single day.
If you have any questions or concerns, you should always visit or call your veterinarian – they are your best resource to ensure the health and well-being of your pets.
1. Millburn, Naomi, and Demand Media. "What's a Normal Indoor Cat Lifespan?"Pets. Demand Media, n.d. Web. 25 Aug. 2014.