Animal Communicator Claudia Hehr Talks About What Your #Pet Could Be Telling You

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Do you ever wonder if your dog could speak, what they would say? Do you ever wish you can say something to them? Animal communicator Claudia Hehr clarifies some of these questions. The times below highlights what Claudia particularly talks about. 
2:00 - What is a memorable experience as an animal communicator?
4:08 - How do the conversations start?
5:04 - What kind of things do animals tell you?
7:27 -  Can dogs see colour?
9:00 -  At old age, do dogs let us know when they are ready to go?
10:48 - Do dogs have 3 year old mindsets?
11:31 - Can anyone communicate with animals?
12:08 - What should fosters know about rescue dogs?
15:02 - Do all foster dogs benefit from formal training?  

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