Gift ideas for Dog Lovers (works for cat lovers too!)

We all know someone who loves posting photos and sharing updates about their dogs. These gift ideas (thanks to BoredPanda) will surely win you brownie points when you present them to your dog-loving friend or your furkid!.

Rogz Grinz Ball

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The Dogbrella


Dog Peek


Dog Food Drawer


Doggie Fountain


Outdoor Dog House


Pet and Person Rocking Chair

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Dog Necktie Collar


Luxury Dog Bed


Amazing Two In One Idea: Fish Tank And Dog House


Library Sofa Dog Bed


Humunga Stache Durable Dog Toy


Dog Pool

Bedside Table/Dog House

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Kitchen Dog Bowls

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Petchatz – Interactive Pet-Cam Lets You Video Chat With Your Pet When You Are Away


Pet Trailers

Image credits: Judson Beaumont

Dog House Sofa

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Using Diatomaceous Earth for Natural Flea and Tick Control

Using Diatomaceous Earth for Natural Flea and Tick Control

A year ago, Agent L started losing fur and she bathed herself constantly till she developed sores. I had just changed from a certain kibbles brand to another so I thought that that could be the source. I brought her to the Animal Hospital in Jalan Pekeliling and they used some "special " tape that cost a bomb so that they could analyse her fur and skin. Bills for some antibiotics and the tape came to over RM100 and the only conclusion from their analysis was that she had to change her kibbles to Brand S which meant that Agent S had to change his kibbles too.

The formula made them hungry all the time even though the formula promised benefits such as controlled levels of sodium and phosphorus to support healthy vital organ function, particularly kidneys; help with their dental hygiene and urinary and digestive tracts and help maintain an ideal weight.

Not long before they had polished off their bowls, they would become hungry. And this brand was not cheap either. But I disgress. The formula did not help with her fur-loss. I was at a lost.

With advice from some friends, I decided to pay a visit to another vet, Dr Dhillon, who I liked instantly. He looked at her skin and her fur and said she had tick eggs indicating ticks. A simple solution was to apply flea drops which I had stopped applying for some time thinking it was ok since Agent L and S are house bound.

His simple solution did the trick and both Agent S and L are tick-free. Now, if you are uncomfortable with drops, there is an alternative. Here's an article written by Kimberly Gauthier.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is one of those treatment options that can help pet parents get rid of fleas and ticks safely and effectively.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Food grade DE is finely ground dirt (similar to flour in consistency) that dries out the exoskeleton of fleas and ticks, making it an effective pest killer. It can also be used against internal parasites as a detox, a digestive aid and a colon cleanser. It can be found through online retailers and at many home and garden stores.

Using Diatomaceous Earth to Treat Pets

Although diatomaceous earth is safe for pets, it shouldn't be used daily, because it will dry out your pet's skin, leading to itching and irritation. If you choose to use it on your pets, protect their eyes, nose and mouth and give your pet a bath within 5-12 hours (to wash away the DE and fleas). Afterwards, make sure to use a conditioner to restore moisture to your pet’s coat and skin.

Warnings Associated With Treatment

It is very important that you make sure to use food-grade DE instead of “pool-grade” DE, which is dangerous for pets. If you have a pet with sensitive skin, DE shouldn't be used directly on your pet. If you have a cat who does not like baths, this treatment is not recommended.

Using Diatomaceous Earth to Treat Fleas at Home

We use DE on pet bedding and carpeting in our home. I sprinkle the DE on our area rugs and the pet bedding in the morning before going to work and use a broom to make sure it gets deep into the carpet fibers. I let it sit for the day and when I come home, I vacuum the area rugs and put the dog beds in the wash.

Because fleas haven't been a problem for us, we do this process monthly during the spring and summer.

Also, keep in mind that DE kills fleas and ticks by drying out their exoskeleton; it doesn't repel the pests. Since flea eggs hatch anywhere from two days to two weeks after they are laid, you'll have to repeat the above steps to kill all the fleas in your home.

In Malaysia, Food grade DE can be purchased online at (Green Integrity Trading). Besides ticks, DE can also eliminate roundworms,  whipworms, pinworms and hookworms within a week of being fed daily.

DE also makes a great  deodorizer for cat litter, pet beds and farm animals.

For dosage instructions, please refer to instructions provided by Green Integrity Trading.

PetsInBlack is in not responsible for any side effects that may occur when using this product. Before using DE, make sure to consult your veterinarian and do your own homework to ensure that it is a safe treatment for your pets.  


KitNipBox Photo Contest

If you have cats, love to take photos of your cuddle fuddles, this is the contest for you. Catch is, you must be at least 21 years of age and living in the Continental US. Darn it!

Win over $500 in prizes in our Cat Photo Contest!

Do you have great cat pictures? Show off your best feline photos for your chance to win over $500 in awesome cat and photography prizes!

The Contest

Submit your best cat photos by September 8th for a chance to win over $500 in prizes from top cat and photography brands!
Once the submission period ends, you, your friends, and our fans can vote on their favorite pictures until 11:59pm EST on September 15th.
We will select a grand prize winner, 3 finalists, and 5 semi-finalists from the pictures with the most votes. All winners, including finalists and semi-finalists, will receive awesome cat and/or photography prizes!
Additionally, if you refer 10 or more friends to enter the contest, you will be entered to win a special surprise gift!**

The Prizes

Grand Prize
  • A free Petcube* - Petcube is a WiFi camera for pet owners that lets you watch, talk, and play laser games with your pet from anywhere using your smartphone. You can share access to your Petcube with friends or family, and follow other pet lovers using the Petcube app.
  • A $100 gift certificate from - is the Internet's premier destination for photography and video equipment rentals.
  • A free Multi-Cat KitNipBox - KitNipBox is a monthly box of healthy treats, toys, and other goodies for cats!
  • A free Premium Account with Zenfolio for 1 year – A Zenfolio Premium Account is everything a photographer needs to show off their work online and back it up securely. Every account comes with your own website, unlimited storage, seamless social media sharing, and the ability to purchase the best photo prints and products featuring your images.
  • A gift collection from The Catnip Times - adorable cat-themed products, including a set of six drink coasters, a cat lover doormat, a Litter Lifter scoop, and a coffee mug featuring the cat from The Catnip Times!
  • A $100 gift certificate from Mpix - Mpix allows you to turn your favorite photos into timeless prints and premium products like Canvas Gallery Wraps, Framed Prints, Modern Metal Prints, and more.
Top 3 Finalist Prizes
  • A free Happy Cat KitNipBox - KitNipBox is a monthly box of healthy treats, toys, and other goodies for cats!
  • A $50 gift certificate from Mpix - Mpix allows you to turn your favorite photos into timeless prints and premium products like Canvas Gallery Wraps, Framed Prints, Modern Metal Prints, and more.
  • A free limited edition Catster tote bag not available anywhere else - show off your cattitude with style!
5 Semi-Finalist Prizes
  • A free Starter KitNipBox - KitNipBox is a monthly box of healthy treats, toys, and other goodies for cats!
*Petcube will begin shipping in October of 2014. The winner of this contest will receive a gift certificate that can be redeemed for a free Petcube in the first batch of shipments or thereafter.**Please ask everyone you refer to include your e-mail address in the Referred By field when they sign up.


Agent S: Hmmph..there goes my chance of being spotted by an talent agent


The Adventure of Susu, the Shih Tzu

We've heard of stories where pets travel miles to where their owners are after their owners somehow lost them or abandoned them. Here's a story of Susu, who was found a distance away from home as told by Francis.

Late last year, upon arriving to my home in Klang, I was stopped by the resident guards who were in a state of panic. They were excited and worried to have found a lost dog nearby. Because they know that I feed stray dogs, they thought I would be the right person to tend this lost dog. The dog seemed to be in quite a bad state. However, it had a license from MPSJ indicating he had owners.

Displaying Susu 1.jpg

It was already 1am and I asked the security guards to help keep keep him for just one night as I have three dogs at home and I wouldn't be able to bring him home without causing a ruckus. They agreed, fortunately.

The next day, I sent the dog to the vet in Putra Heights for a check up and to keep him there while being treated.

Displaying Susu 4.jpg

I decided to pay a visit to MPSJ to find out the identity of the dog's owners and I was directed to Jabatan Haiwan in USJ, Subang instead. With the MPSJ dog's ID number, the staff manage to track the name, address and the phone number of the owner. 

To my surprise, this dog's home is actually in USJ, Subang itself! Without hesitation, I dialled the number given and spoke to a woman. I asked her if she had lost her dog. She was instantly worried and emotional. I told her that her dog (named Susu) was in good hands in Klang. She was very curious about how her dog ended up about 24 km away from home!

According to her, her dog had run away when she forgot to close her house gate a few days ago. She was grateful that Susu was found safe.

We immediately set a time to meet at the vet in Putra Heights, Klang, for her to be reunited with Susu. However,  I also requested for her to bring proof that Susu was indeed her dog.

She agreed and brought all the related documents for me to see upon us meeting.  Sure enough, the documents were in order and Susu was excited to see her. They went home happily together.

Till today no one knows how she ended so far away from home.

Displaying Susu 5.jpg


Books For Dog Lovers

I just finished reading "Cowboy and Wills" written by Monica Holloway, the mum of a brilliant three-year-old son, Wills, who was diagnosed with having autism spectrum disorder. I found the book among piles of books at the Big Bad Wolf sale recently and was drawn by Wills sparkling blue eyes smiling at the camera with a golden retriever next to him. I usually try to avoid books and movies that involve animals as they are sure to make me cry. Needless to say, I bawled my eyes out over this book.

The books starts off with Will's mum trying to accept the devastating news that there was indeed something special about her son. So to make herself (and Will) feel better, they make their way to a pet store to buy an aquarium. And this was the first of many trips to come. Not surprisingly, their garden becomes a mini-zoo consisting of gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, and even a turtle.

But while Wills diligently tends to the growing menagerie, what he really wants is a puppy. And one Christmas, when Wills is six, Cowboy Carol Lawrence joins their family. Cowboy is truly one of a kind, and you will fall in love with her energy and adorable antics. (yes, she is a female puppy!)

She gives Wills the confidence to step outside his world and helps him communicate with his peers as well as the caring (and not so caring) adults around him.

Monica writes in a way that makes you feel that you are right there with them when events unfold. She includes the conversations exchanged which make it seem like the scenes were unfolding right before your eyes.

A must-read for animal lovers for sure!

To view more books for animal lovers, CLICK HERE


Mistakes Cat Owners Make

Before Agent S and Agent L came into our lives, most of my family's house cats were very independent, going outdoors as they pleased, sometimes coming home after a day or two of partying. Living in a landed property is different from living in a condominium, as we do now.

Now, we know immediately when our fur kids are feeling slightly under the weather, whether they're pooping and eating right. But we're still prone to making mistakes, of course.

Here's an article written by Paul Ciampanelli for Paw Nation and edited by PetsInBlack.


Some cat owners may clean their cat's litter box only weekly, or even less frequently.(Agent S and L will refuse to go to the toilet and make a ruckus if we forget to clean by noon!)

Imagine if you flushed your toilet only once a week, and also, you had to step in the toilet in order to use it. That’s what life is like for a cat whose owner doesn’t clean its litter box out properly at least once a day. Not only is having to use a dirty litter box extremely unpleasant for cats, but it’s also unhealthy for everyone in the cat’s home, as the animal tracks the mess they stepped in everywhere they go. (Imagine them lying on your lap with remnants of whatever they left in their litter boxes!)

Remember not only to sift the litter box every day, but also change the litter entirely once per week. Be sure to wash the box itself with gentle soap during weekly litter changes.


Too many cat owners don’t take their pet to the vet until something is obviously wrong. In fact, statistics show that pet owners are visiting their vets for routine care less and less frequently, and that’s been particularly true of cat owners. Checkups are how one detects problems early enough to stop them or slow them, and can be found by a vet longer before an owner is aware that something is wrong. If you haven’t already, make an appointment for your cat’s next checkup. You may save it from harm that can be prevented now, but not later.


It’s never a good idea to give any kind of medicine to your cat without consulting a vet first, not even the everyday, over-the-counter meds we tend to think of as completely safe. Some common drugs, like acetaminophen and ibuprofen, are extremely dangerous for pets. Others may be considered safe for dogs but not cats. Only your vet can tell you what kinds of medicine to give your cat, when to give it and how much to give. (And unlike humans where chocolate helps beat the blues, it is poison for your cats)


You already know that cats are curious. If you’ve never had a kitten in your home before, though, you could be surprised by what absolute bundles of energy they are. If you’re ready for the responsibility of caring for a kitten, that’s great. But no matter how vigilant, you’ll still need to make changes around the house for the feline's safety. That’s why kitten-proofing is essential before the animal ever sets foot in your home. Depending on your lifestyle, that could mean changing where you store cleaners and chemicals, corralling electrical cords, throwing away certain plants and more.

You can read more about Kitten Proofing here


Statistics show that one-third of all pets get lost at some point in their lives especially from landed properties. Microchipping is simply the best chance you have of ensuring that a lost pet will find its way home if it's finder brings it to a vet with a microchipping facility. The Malaysian Veterinary Association is pushing for this facility to be available at all vets. The microchipping process is quick, safe, painless and relatively inexpensive. It looks like a grain of rice.


Many people still have their cats declawed. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they don’t realize just how cruel the practice is. A cat’s claws are a part of its body. It’s not like clipping your fingernails, or even like removing your fingernails. Declawing involves amputating the last bone on every toe. It’s the equivalent of cutting off a person’s fingertips at the knuckle. Moreover, declawing deprives cats of their natural instinct to scratch, not to mention their able to defend themselves from real or perceived threats. While local laws in certain places outlaw declawing as animal cruelty, such places remain few and far between.

(If you're afraid of your furniture getting damaged, or your floors or cars scratched, don't get a cat.)


We say you shouldn’t yell at your cat because it’s completely ineffective way to train felines. If your cat does something wrong and you yell as a response, your cat won’t understand that its actions caused you to yell. To the cat, you’re yelling for no reason. You’ll frighten the cat, and all it will serve to do is make the cat afraid of you. It won't solve behavioral problems.

(A cat is not a human being with logical brains- well, most humans have them, anyway)


By now it’s no secret that the growing obesity epidemic isn’t only affecting the human population in America, but the pet population as well. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, obesity in U.S. cats rose again last year to 55 percent. Obesity causes many of the same problems in cats that it does in people, including serious health issues like diabetes, arthritis, respiratory difficulties and heart disease. If your cat is overweight and obese, and you need help adjusting its diet to help it lose weight. And always consult your veterinarian for his or her expert, professional advice.


Almost all pet owners have heard over and over about how important it is to spay or neuter their pets, but too many owners still don't do it. Sterilization is the most important thing anyone can do to control the pet population. Approximately 2-4 million pets are euthanized at U.S. animal shelters every year because there aren’t enough homes to take in the exploding numbers of homeless animals. But spaying and neutering isn’t just about your responsibility to not make more homeless cats; it’s also about your cat’s health. Getting your cat fixed can prevent ovarian cancer in females, testicular cancer and prostate issues in males, and other health problems.


What Pet Food Labels Really Mean

When it comes to pet food, sometimes not a lot. The food name is the first part of the label noticed by a consumer and for that reason, fancy names are used to emphasize certain features of a food. AAFCO has established four rules about ingredients:
I95% rule: at least 95% of the food must be the named ingredient. For example, "Chicken for Dogs" or "Beef Cat Food" must be 95% chicken or beef, respectively. If the food is "Chicken and Rice Dog Food", the chicken is the component that must be 95%. If there is a combination of ingredients such as "Chicken and Liver for Cats", the two together must make up 95% of the total weight and the first ingredient must be the one in higher percent in the food. Commercial pet foods rarely fall into the 95% category as that much protein is not beneficial for all pets. In fact, most pets tend to thrive on a more balanced diet that includes whole grains and vegetables in addition to wholesome cuts of meat and this is the foundation of Halo Spot's Stew recipe. 
II25% or "Dinner" rule: when the named product contains at least 25% but less than 95% of the total weight, the name must include a descriptive term such as "dinner". For example,"dinner", "entrée", "grill", "platter", "formula" are all terms that are used to describe this type of product. For example, "Chicken Dinner Dog Food" must contain at least 25% chicken. This food could contain beef and possibly even more beef than chicken. It is important to read the label and check what other meat sources the product contains.
III3% or "With" rule: this one is tricky. Many times the "with"label identifies extra or special ingredients, such as "Beef Dinner for Dogs with Cheese" is a food containing at least 25% beef and at least 3% cheese. But beware of this type of "with" label: "Dog Food with Chicken". This dog food need only contain 3% chicken! Don't confuse that with "Chicken Dog Food" which must contain 95% chicken. Confusing, right? 
IV"Flavor" rule: in this situation, a specific percentage of meat is not required, but it must contain an amount of flavor sufficient to be detected. For example, "Chicken Flavor Dog Food" may contain a digest or enough chicken fat to flavor the food, but there will be no actual chicken meat added to the food.

Purina Friskies is a registered trademark of of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Pedigree is a registered trademark of Mars, Incorporated.

Source: Halopets