Our first #SecretPaws Secret Santa Gift Exchange

We received our #SecretPaws2014 mission two weeks ago and our secret recipient resides in the U.S! Mom says that it can't be too heavy and too big as the postage cost can escalate. Cat treats might get confiscated at customs so there goes the Scratch Post, Cat Tree and Cat Treats (sorry, secret recipient!)..what shall we buy? Decisions! Decisions!

Any ideas, dear readers? The reader with the best idea by 26 November 2014 (Wed) will receive a secret gift from us! Leave your comment below AND drop us an email with your contact details at petsinblackblog@gmail.com  :)

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  1. We suggest some toys with nip or vine. Those are always fun. That Secret Paws is a lot of fun. Have a great day.

  2. You can never go wrong with a nip toy or two...or something with feathers. :)