Quilted Furniture Protector

When Agent S first moved in with us, we were pretty strict saying that he had to stay off the carpets and human furniture. He followed the rules and stayed just outside the carpet. Over the weeks, he started creeping further onto the carpet and before we knew it, he was lying in the middle of our hall carpet with no care in the world.

So we decided, "OK. The carpet is easy enough to vacuum but he CANNOT get onto our furniture and NO WAY will he sleep with us." I'm sure you can guess the end results. Agent L really got it easy as Agent S had basically broken all the rules before she came on board.

Pet parents would surely understand what we went through.

We are lucky, though, that they only limit themselves to scratching the carpet. My hubby thinks they also scratch the sofas but I believe the sofas are just tearing at the seams due to old age.

As our apartment has mostly brown/beige coloured furniture, we don't have much of a visible coat of shedded fur covering our furniture. (Can't say the same about our clothing!) But for those who are concerned about the visible fur on furniture or other stains, we found this quilted furniture protector from Amazon.

Looks pretty classy, don't you think?

  • Longer over the back to stay in place better
  • Water repellent finish, Machine washable
  • Easy to install on and off in flash
  • Soil resistant polyester
  • SIZE: 110" X 75.5" (279cm X 191cm) FITS MOST SOFAS UP TO 92" LONG

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