A Joyful Reunion: Cat Lost for 16 Months Reunites with Family

A Joyful Reunion: Cat Lost for 16 Months Reunites with Family

Anyone who has ever lost a pet knows the joy one family in Oregon must be feeling after having their cat returned to them after she was lost 16 months ago.

Cissy and Ken Myers always took their two cats and dog camping with them due to their pet's separation anxiety. However, on a family trip to Silver Creek Falls near Silverton in July 2012 things went horribly wrong when their cat, Mazy May, escaped from their tent-trailer.

The couple says the zipper wasn’t secured and Mazy May must have slipped out unnoticed. When the couple packed up to go home, their beloved feline was nowhere to be found.

The Myers put up flyers and searched for a month to no avail. They thought their cat was lost forever until they received a call from Silver Creek Falls Park Ranger Martha Duckworth on Thanksgiving. She was able to track down, Cissy, through an old park log.

"When they called, I was just shaking. I called my husband and said, 'This can't be!" Myers told KGW.com.

The cat must have some good instincts that protected her from predators. Duckworth thinks Mazy May must've lived off of mice and bugs to stay alive.

The Myers say it's surreal that they are holding their feline in their arms after losing all hope of her safe return.

-Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell for www.pet360.com

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