We got gifts from our Secret Paws!

Mum rarely buys toys for us (read "never") as she thinks boxes and paper balls are enough to keep us happy along with her endless hugs. What a surprise when she brought us a box all the way from Hannah and Lucy in the UK! How lucky we are! We even got a card! Thanks, Hannah and Lucy! We love you!

As Agents, we made sure to sniff around for fishy business 

Agent S: Can't..stop...rubbing...my face...on this mouse toy thing 

Agent L: Balls? For me?? Really?

The stash all unwrapped. Mum said that we have toys fit for 2 years! She's keeping them for safe keeping. We have to wear them out one by one before a new one is brought out. We protested so she agreed that we could play with the blue ball, and mouse toy thing and have them rubbed with the cat nip stickers so that our love for these toys never run out (no idea what she means....hey, .is that a paper ball over there?)

CLICK HERE to visit Hannah and Lucy's blog!

Agent L: I sleeps on the mat every night now. I love gnawing the corners! And the material is sooooo soft and comfortable
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  1. Replies
    1. They are truly pawsome! Fuzzies all over

  2. Wow! You guys hit the jackpot. Hannah and Lucy did really good.

    1. We sure did! We've never been so pampered in our lives!