Foster Dog Beau Found A Home The Same Week He Was To Be Put Down

It was February I picked up Boaz (then named Shania) from the vet. He did not seem like he had any issues and his history paper work did not show anything to be concerned about physically or mentally. However, it does insinuate that Boaz has been in numerous homes in the past. Despite that, this Shiz Tsu was quite friendly, did not seem to have that much fear in him. His first night was not stressful apart from some coughing. 

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Days turned into weeks and after about a month, an adoption application came through. I was happy for him. 
A couple weeks later, turns out the family could not keep him and back in my living room he is:) 
One day I was trying to take off some dried gook (that a word?) from his chin with scissors and what I saw was a different dog! He started barking agressively, nipped at my hand. It was a shocker! Took him a few minutes to calm down and I did not let it get to me for too long. 
There was another scenario when he got cherry eye that was growing bigger so I took him to the vet and he gave him eye drops and suggested I give it to him every day for a week. (you can imagine)
I attempted to slowly put the eyedrop container closer to his eye, knowing what kind of reaction I'm going to get, and next thing you know, the fear-based aggression came out again! It took my friend and I to lure him into the bathroom and closed the door until he calmed down. 
As much as I love Boaz, I was afraid that this trait may hinder his adoption. I tried to work with him for his fear and slowly there was small improvements. Long story short, 4 months passed and the rescue organization was considering he may not have a chance at adoption and that I would have to be prepared that he'll have to be put down. I was devastated. 
I posted on my social media accounts for help, just praying his ideal forever parent can come through. I reached out to animal communicator to help me understand anything, anything about him. I was blown away by Claudia Hehr. The mystery of Boaz's history came together. The questions that kept me away was finally answered. 
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I was considering keeping him should no one reach out but in the knick of time, a got a post from Google Plus by a woman name Lori. Turns out she was looking for a rescue after a year of her last rescue passing away. On the phone, she sounded like a wonderful lady....who happened to live within 25 minutes away!
Within the next couple days, I was on my way to visit her. That was the beginning of Boaz's happy story and this experience was meant-to-be in the stars in more ways than one. One, Lori finds a son! and Boaz gets a second chance of living life the way happy dogs should. Two, it made me realize I need to contribute to helping dogs. 
That's when was born in my heart:) 
Beverly  Isla 
Beverly Isla is the founder of Save A Pooch. S.A.P helps pet businesses and rescue organizations to enhance awareness of their services and products. S.A.P provides distribution to media outlets, mobile networks and social influencers. is also a community based portal of rescue dog handlers, dog professionals and businesses. In an effort to save pooches, we believe education and awareness is key.  
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