How You Can Make a Difference for Kitty Season

Every year animal shelters and rescues see a huge influx of kittens during the spring and summer months. Why? A female cat’s heat cycle is influenced by the seasonal changes in the amount of daylight each day. As the days begin to grow longer, the heat cycles begin and females go out in search of a mate. A healthy female can have up to 3 heats in a year producing an average of 4-6 kittens per litter. Shelters begin to see whole litters coming in either from feral/stray cats or from pet cats that have not been spayed.
The above is direct quote from the Playful Kitty blog, and pet blogger Robin Mudge is helping to get the word out about “Kitten Season.”

Our friends at Hill’s have provided over $240 million worth of food to nearly 1,000 shelters, 365 days a year helping over 6 million pets find a new home...and counting. Proper nutrition, such as Hill’s® Science Diet® Kitten Healthy Development which provides balanced, easy-to-digest nutrition for growing kittens, makes shelter pets happier, healthier and more adoptable.
Consider helping a local shelter in your area, especially as kitten season is upon us. Some cool things you can do:
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