Wowbow Contemporary Furniture

WOWBOW is a new luxury brand committed to pampered pets & their discerning two legged companions.

The company is founded on a vision: to pioneer and create unparalleled design solutions for our furry friends. By combining the best craftsmanship, animal husbandry and a unique personal service, WOWBOW sets the standard for a new class in pet furniture.

This vision appeals to the individual who values the very best in contemporary design with an uncompromising love for pets, as well as their aesthetic eye and personal environment.

Mija Bed

Mija medium bed
Size: W62 x D52 x H28 cm

Translucent smoke with donkey cushion

Wowbow Mija beds are crafted from 10mm thick acrylic and furnished with luxury faux suede cushions, filled with shredded ‘memory foam’ incorporating a wealth of innovations, these luxury beds are made to exacting standards.
Price: £1200

Mija Dining Table

Accompanying the Mija Beds are the Mija Dining Tables, also made of 10mm acrylic this product serves to remove feeding bowls from the floor, benefiting both you the home owner and more importantly your pet.

The dining tables cradle two custom-made, machine washable bowls. These heavy weight, mirror polished, stainless steel WOWBOW bowls will continue to keep their lustre for years to come.
At the appropriate height, these tables will help aid the following:

Alleviate strain on your pet’s forearms, joints and muscles.
Aid better digestion. Food moves from mouth to stomach smoothly.
Helps to prevent the gulping down of food. Dogs in particular will usually eat at a slower pace from the tables and as a result ingest less air by eating at the correct elevation, greatly decreasing any chance of Canine Bloat (Gastric Dilation or GDV), the second biggest killer of dogs after cancer.
And on a lighter note... Who wants to eat their dinner with their bum in the air?
Mija table range is available in 5 sizes.

Mija Medium table
Size: W56 x D25 x H18 cm
Translucent smoke
Price: £300

Louile Cat bed

Loulie Cat Towers
In development is their new Loulie range of luxury pet furniture which will offer two solutions for your feline friend.

The range will introduce the Loulie Cat Tower (pictured) and the small Loulie bed.
Fashioned from 10mm acrylic and featuring a faux suede cushion filled with a 100mm block of 'memory foam' and topped with 3-inch long sheepskin, your cat will perch like the little prince or princess it knows it is.

Measuring W50 x L42 x H50 cm, the Loulie Cat Tower offers your cat a unique position for resting and surveillance.

At this elevated vantage point and enveloped in this ultimate comfort, your cat will purr with contentment, reminding us all that... It's good to be a cat!


WOWBOW Stockists
Although they are more than happy to sell direct to you, nothing can compare to seeing their ranges in person.  WOWBOW is proud to announce that its products can be found in the the following leading retailers:

Pet Kingdom
Fourth Floor
87-135 Brompton Road
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7730 1234
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 10am to 8pm
Sunday 11.30am to 6pm

Desiary Identity StoreDesiary
goltsteinstrasse 83
50968 köln
Tel: (0049) 0175 5612493

J'ai plus de croquettes 
Online pet product retailer based in France.

Maison 24
2424 Main Street
New York
Tel: 00 1 631 537 2488
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 11am-5pm

202 Colorado Street
TX 78701
Tel: 00 1 512 814 0339
Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri 11 - 7
Sun 12 - 5

Online design retailer
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