Make your Own Super Mario Like #Cat Box

Agent L was browsing the internet as he was bored looking at me working on my other lifestyle blog.
He exclaimed that he would like the below.

I had to convince him that we don't own this condominium that we're staying in and we can't simply make changes.

He walked away showing me his butt.

Anyhow, if you live in a home and have excellent carpentry skills (Or at least basic ones), you can try making this for your furballs.

I stumbled across this gem on the interwebs, seeing as no one makes it, I figured I should tell you how I did it. I stumbled across this site when I was about half way through so sorry I dont have pics for the earlier parts.
I wrote this up how I built it, However if I was to build it again. I would do the following differently.
- Make it smaller Mine is 15x45 all said and done, its just a little too big if I did this again I would do it 12x36
- With the smaller size I would probably use 3 Gallon buckets as the warp pipe frame
- Make it lighter - The floor and roof boards along with the frame are pretty heavy. I may consider using a thicker ply wood or cloth
- Inside the pipe I used carpet because it was quick and easy and I had some left over from another project. However sisal rope is used in other versions of this on the inside of the pipes. I think it has an all around better look and the cats seem to really like it. Its cost/time preventative with the 5 gallon buckets, but I would give a shot with the 3 gallon.
PS I am in no way shape or form a carpenter and there is probably a better smarter safer way to do this then how I did it.

Source: Mr Jumbles for Instructables
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