The Adventure of Susu, the Shih Tzu

We've heard of stories where pets travel miles to where their owners are after their owners somehow lost them or abandoned them. Here's a story of Susu, who was found a distance away from home as told by Francis.

Late last year, upon arriving to my home in Klang, I was stopped by the resident guards who were in a state of panic. They were excited and worried to have found a lost dog nearby. Because they know that I feed stray dogs, they thought I would be the right person to tend this lost dog. The dog seemed to be in quite a bad state. However, it had a license from MPSJ indicating he had owners.

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It was already 1am and I asked the security guards to help keep keep him for just one night as I have three dogs at home and I wouldn't be able to bring him home without causing a ruckus. They agreed, fortunately.

The next day, I sent the dog to the vet in Putra Heights for a check up and to keep him there while being treated.

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I decided to pay a visit to MPSJ to find out the identity of the dog's owners and I was directed to Jabatan Haiwan in USJ, Subang instead. With the MPSJ dog's ID number, the staff manage to track the name, address and the phone number of the owner. 

To my surprise, this dog's home is actually in USJ, Subang itself! Without hesitation, I dialled the number given and spoke to a woman. I asked her if she had lost her dog. She was instantly worried and emotional. I told her that her dog (named Susu) was in good hands in Klang. She was very curious about how her dog ended up about 24 km away from home!

According to her, her dog had run away when she forgot to close her house gate a few days ago. She was grateful that Susu was found safe.

We immediately set a time to meet at the vet in Putra Heights, Klang, for her to be reunited with Susu. However,  I also requested for her to bring proof that Susu was indeed her dog.

She agreed and brought all the related documents for me to see upon us meeting.  Sure enough, the documents were in order and Susu was excited to see her. They went home happily together.

Till today no one knows how she ended so far away from home.

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