We have a Raya Visitor

Late last Saturday, I received an email from Ms U asking if I could offer my services to feed a 2-week old kitten for four days while the she travels during the Raya holidays. She lives close-by and so I immediately sent her a text message saying I was interested since I was not travelling anywhere.

I called Ms U later that night and we sussed each other out- our day jobs, my experience with cats, our backgrounds. Kitty, an only child who adopted Ms U 3 weeks ago, would be alone for the four days. The idea was for me to serve her meals and clean her litter at her home. I felt it was unfair that we were celebrating Raya while she stayed home alone so it was agreed the next day that Agent S and L (and us, Les Humans) would play host to our little guest.

Kitty was sent over on Sunday evening in her carrier and an IKEA bag full of her accessories. No doubt Ms U has a soft spot for Kitty! I was not sure how Agent S and L would react to having a new visitor so I started by letting her roam around a bit before hubby and I had to leave the condo to break fast. She busily sniffed around and got excited when I brought out her wet food that Ms U provided. After a quick meal, she started to investigate her surroundings while sneakily deciding if Agents S and L were friend or foe.

Kitty after her first meal at our place
Kitty decided that we were good enough for her and immediately settled in. We, however, had to leave for the night so we put her in a big cage with her scratch carpet and bowl of water. She was not pleased to say the least but we didn't trust Agent S and L to leave her alone with them while we were out, especially on the first night.

We came home later that night and let her out of the cage after she meowed her displeasure. After a tickling good night session from us and receiving some hisses from Agent S and L, we thought it be safer for her to spend the first night in the cage.

We got up early the next morning as it was the first day of Raya and she happily gobbled her food down and played some more before we decided to let her stay in our human guest room so she had more space to run, climb and play.
Kitty and the City
Her first day with us was uneventful for her as we returned late that night after a day of celebrating Raya. We made up to her by letting her play herself to sleep in the hall under the watchful eyes of hubby. She is a light sleeper and any slight movement would wake her up from her slumber and her playful frenzy would begin!

Kitty checking Agent S out from above

The second day of Raya only saw us leaving the condo close to noon so we had a whole morning to play with her. Agent S and L were still deciding whether she was a threat but allowed her to come close enough to them before hissing at her! Kitty decided that she did not have to stay in her guest room anymore and hung out in all the rooms that Agent S and L hung out, watching in envy whenever they bathed each other (from a close distance).

Agent L and S playing hide and seek (sort of)
Kitty was supposed to check out on Thursday but Ms U decided to extend her holiday and we were happy to know that Kitty would extend her stay with us till Monday. By now, Agent S and L were getting quite chummy with Kitty with the occasional paw swipe and hiss when Kitty got too friendly.

Now that we have captured The String, what do we do?

Kitty after a playful Saturday
This morning, Agent L and Kitty chased each other around the condo from dawn till 11am. They were pooped before even the 2nd meal of the day!

Agent L and Kitty making The Bed their own
Kitty will be leaving for home tomorrow. We're sad to see her leave but Ms U must be missing her even more. Agent S and L will surely miss her cheeky runs around the condo!

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