Using Diatomaceous Earth for Natural Flea and Tick Control

Using Diatomaceous Earth for Natural Flea and Tick Control

A year ago, Agent L started losing fur and she bathed herself constantly till she developed sores. I had just changed from a certain kibbles brand to another so I thought that that could be the source. I brought her to the Animal Hospital in Jalan Pekeliling and they used some "special " tape that cost a bomb so that they could analyse her fur and skin. Bills for some antibiotics and the tape came to over RM100 and the only conclusion from their analysis was that she had to change her kibbles to Brand S which meant that Agent S had to change his kibbles too.

The formula made them hungry all the time even though the formula promised benefits such as controlled levels of sodium and phosphorus to support healthy vital organ function, particularly kidneys; help with their dental hygiene and urinary and digestive tracts and help maintain an ideal weight.

Not long before they had polished off their bowls, they would become hungry. And this brand was not cheap either. But I disgress. The formula did not help with her fur-loss. I was at a lost.

With advice from some friends, I decided to pay a visit to another vet, Dr Dhillon, who I liked instantly. He looked at her skin and her fur and said she had tick eggs indicating ticks. A simple solution was to apply flea drops which I had stopped applying for some time thinking it was ok since Agent L and S are house bound.

His simple solution did the trick and both Agent S and L are tick-free. Now, if you are uncomfortable with drops, there is an alternative. Here's an article written by Kimberly Gauthier.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is one of those treatment options that can help pet parents get rid of fleas and ticks safely and effectively.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Food grade DE is finely ground dirt (similar to flour in consistency) that dries out the exoskeleton of fleas and ticks, making it an effective pest killer. It can also be used against internal parasites as a detox, a digestive aid and a colon cleanser. It can be found through online retailers and at many home and garden stores.

Using Diatomaceous Earth to Treat Pets

Although diatomaceous earth is safe for pets, it shouldn't be used daily, because it will dry out your pet's skin, leading to itching and irritation. If you choose to use it on your pets, protect their eyes, nose and mouth and give your pet a bath within 5-12 hours (to wash away the DE and fleas). Afterwards, make sure to use a conditioner to restore moisture to your pet’s coat and skin.

Warnings Associated With Treatment

It is very important that you make sure to use food-grade DE instead of “pool-grade” DE, which is dangerous for pets. If you have a pet with sensitive skin, DE shouldn't be used directly on your pet. If you have a cat who does not like baths, this treatment is not recommended.

Using Diatomaceous Earth to Treat Fleas at Home

We use DE on pet bedding and carpeting in our home. I sprinkle the DE on our area rugs and the pet bedding in the morning before going to work and use a broom to make sure it gets deep into the carpet fibers. I let it sit for the day and when I come home, I vacuum the area rugs and put the dog beds in the wash.

Because fleas haven't been a problem for us, we do this process monthly during the spring and summer.

Also, keep in mind that DE kills fleas and ticks by drying out their exoskeleton; it doesn't repel the pests. Since flea eggs hatch anywhere from two days to two weeks after they are laid, you'll have to repeat the above steps to kill all the fleas in your home.

In Malaysia, Food grade DE can be purchased online at (Green Integrity Trading). Besides ticks, DE can also eliminate roundworms,  whipworms, pinworms and hookworms within a week of being fed daily.

DE also makes a great  deodorizer for cat litter, pet beds and farm animals.

For dosage instructions, please refer to instructions provided by Green Integrity Trading.

PetsInBlack is in not responsible for any side effects that may occur when using this product. Before using DE, make sure to consult your veterinarian and do your own homework to ensure that it is a safe treatment for your pets.  
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