FundMyPet Helps You Raise Funds for Emergency #Vet Bills #pets

Have you come across animals that you would love to help but cannot because of the lack of funds?  is a website that allows people to raise money for their emergency vet bills. Coming together as a community to help animals in need.

FundMyPet was launched December of 2014. Their goal is simple - help as many animals as possible. They realized that there were literally hundreds of thousands of pet owners who were being faced with awful situations like having a sick pet and not enough money to pay for their vet bills, surgeries, medication and more.

The thought of animals not having proper care and a fair shot at life really upset them. That is why FundMyPet was created. It is a sophisticated online fundraising website that allows users to create a fundraising campaign, share it with friends and collect donations for animal expenses. They knew that creating an alternate option to raise money for animals in need would allow us as a community to help and save animals that wouldn't have otherwise had a chance. The website allows campaigns for just about any animal related costs.

They created FundMyPet with simplicity in mind. Their website is effective and very easy to use. With built-in sharing tools, users can get the word out to as many people as possible. They are the first crowdfunding platform exclusively for animals.

FundMyPet was created by two animal lovers based out of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Founder Brad Maver and co-founder Chantal Locke both have a burning passion for helping animals. They are very committed to making it easy for anyone to raise money for animals in need.

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