Does GST in Malaysia Affect How You Spend on Pets?

I just bought cat food for Agent S and L and despite the slight increase in price, I wouldn't stinge on them but rather cut back on spending on myself. Sigh..the things we do for love.

Astro Awani reports:

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Cat Club president Khalid Rashid said although cat lovers feel the impact of the new prices after the imposition of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), it will not stop them from spending for their cats.

One cat lover, Yusri Shaari, said he spends about RM3,000 a month for the 14 cats he has.

"Of the 14, 11 are Bengal cats. For their food alone I need three pounds of fresh meat a day, this cost as well as the additional food and medical expenses are also subject to GST."

"The GST will not dissuade me from continuing to shop for my cats who are my daily companions," he said when met at the Malaysia Fun Cat Club Cat Show and Animal Lover Fest in conjunction with National Craft Day 2015 at Laman Wau, Kompleks Kraf Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur, Saturday.

His views were shared by Haziq Ahmad Hamid who spends about RM1,500 to RM2,000 per month, not including medical costs for his 15 cats.

"The GST does affect my monthly expenses, but it will not prevent me from continuing to take care of my cats, my favourite hobby since childhood.

"I personally would rather spend my money towards nutritious cat food and dietary supplements so as to reduce the cost of their medical bills," he said.

How much do you spend on your pets and does the GST affect your spending? Leave your comments below
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